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Eddie Alvarez promising a court trial in dispute with Bellator

Eddie Alvarez is widely considered one of the best lightweight fighters in the world that is not signed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. For those that don't know, he was almost in the UFC very recently, but there are some snags with his Bellator contract that prevented this from happening. With Hector Lombard leaving Bellator, the sudden retirement of their Heavyweight champion, it is no secret that Bellator is desperately trying to hold on to their big draws and Eddie certainly fits that description.

Alvarez has put to bed the idea of the two parties settling with this recent tweet.

"I want to see this thing through and Let the truth come out in the End."

One must wonder how long Alvarez is willing to drag this out as it completely prevents him from signing with the UFC which contains the best fighters at each weightclass on the planet. There is no doubt that Alvarez would want to test him self against the absolute best, but at the age of 29, he may be wasting too much time with this lawsuit while he is entering his prime as a fighter.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops and if you have an opinion, I would love to hear from you.