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Chael Sonnen to stay at 205, wants Wanderlei Silva

Chael Sonnen made a recent jump to the 205 pound UFC Light-Heavyweight division where he suffered a first round TKO loss to champion Jon Jones. When asked about his future plans afterwards, Sonnen says he has no plans of going back to the Middleweight division. He also had something to say about Wanderlei Silva.

"I'm not going anywhere until me and Wanderlei straighten this thing out once and for all."

Sonnen making reference to a tense moment spent with Wanderlei in a van traveling to a UFC function where Wanderlei called Chael out on being disrespectful to his opponents and insulting his home country of Brazil. Chael remained calm and collected throughout this incident but has not kept it a secret that he did not like what Wanderlei was doing. With his recent title fight loss and Wanderlei getting a big win at 205 in his last fight, these two may be closer in the 205 rankings than most people think. That coupled with an obvious beef the two fighters have with each other, and this fight may be just around the corner.